We are specialized in :

  1. Filtration, separation, purification and fluids management (gas, condensate, LPG, produced water, air, etc…;
  2. Pumps, Pumping skids, mechanical seal;
  3. Site Process diagnostic, troubleshooting to qualify and quantify fluid contamination;
  4. Electrical equipment low and medium voltage;
  5. Equipment and Spare parts Oil & Gas for production site, Power Generation, rotating machine, water and mining;
  6. Filters & Filtration systems Process, fluid cleanliness control (lubricating oil) according to ISO 4046 code;
  7. Air suction filters, for Gas Turbines;
  8. API 610 pumps, ANSI pumps & Mechanical Seals;
  9. Tube Fittings & Instrumentation Valves;
  10. Combustion: Flares, Thermal Oxidizers;
  11. Actuators & Valves;
  12. Instrumentation and control systems;
  13. Medium and low voltage electrical equipment.

Arados acquired great expertise in equipment supply, as well solutions provider to end user, dedicated to CPF and industries looking to improve productivity and reducing their cost.