Bringing a world of solutions to your industrial platforms

Thanks to a dedicated team and boundless ambition, a local company has grown to become a reliable partner on an international scale.

Our unique expertise in consultancy, engineering and supply of equipment for industry is reinforced by our ability to offer our customers innovative, high-quality, state-of-the-art products and solutions.


Worldwide Clients


Yearly different suppliers


Team members to support you

A wide range of activities

As a global industrial solutions provider for the energy sector, we operate in a variety of different field:

Petrochemicals & Fertilizers

Detergents, fertilizers, synthetic fibers, paints, insulating materials, digital devices and countless other everyday items are made from petrochemicals.

Increasing worldwide demand is expected to increase Petrochemicals and Fertilizers production needs.

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment performs a critical role in protecting your equipment, operating costs, and the sustainability of your business.

Poorly managed water treatment can lead countless other industrial, safety or ecological issues.

Electricity production & transportation

Revitalizing the modern world with dependable, scalable, and economical energy solutions.

Electricity is the backbone of our daily lives, illuminating our spaces, regulating temperatures, preserving our food, and driving the operation of appliances, electronics, machinery, and the movement of both goods and people.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are energy sources that naturally regenerate over time and do not run out.

They are the most important part of the transition to an energy system that safeguard human health and the environment.

Industrial excellence at your service

Thanks to our expertise and understanding of the industrial world, Arados offers cutting-edge technical solutions to improve your productivity, while reducing operating costs and providing equivalent alternative solutions.

How we operate

We operate across a multitude of countries to support our clients’ industrial plants & operations.

Beyond our head office located in Marseille – France, we have a multitude of offices to ensure proximity & speed of reaction towards our clients.

Our customers

Despite having offices in the main capitals, our clients have their industrial bases usually located in remote places, hardly accessible, with temperatures ranging from -5°C to 55°C.

Thanks to our local teams, we are able to visit the end-user on their sites in order to propose them the most adequate technical solutions for their operations.

Fluid & Process treatment, process enhancement

Arados is partnering with world leader manufacturers in filtration, separation and fluid / process treatment.

Mechanical Equipment

For your manufacturing facilities, Arados provides high quality items with high durability intended to work in harsh environments ranging from pumps to compressors or valves.

Electrical equipment

We work with leading manufacturers offering a very diverse range of electrical equipment.

Measurement & Instrumentation equipment

We provide a wide range of instruments and devices used to inspect, test, calibrate or measure given parameters from the largest and most renowned manufacturers.

They trust us:

Our vision: to meet the world’s energy challenges while accelerating the transition to clean energy

More than a supplier, we are a committed partner to our customers.

Thanks to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industrial sector, we can propose tailored technical solutions based on our clients’ specific needs, while simplifying their processes at the same time:

  1. By acting as your single point of contact for complex requests.
  2. By providing replacement, retrofit and/or modernization solutions for obsolete equipment.
  3. By ensuring international deliveries at a competitive cost.

Our goal remains the same : To help our clients meet the world’s energy challenges while contributing to a cleaner future.