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Over the years since the company was founded, we have successfully completed and delivered numerous projects that are complex from technical, regulatory, and financial perspectives, often requiring extensive on-site interventions.

Mobile trailer mounted Steam Boiler system

Supply, installation and start-up of a mobile boiler. 5000 kg/h capacity, 20 bar, 230°C superheated steam

Refinery Arados

Acid Gas Removal Unit / Gas Sweetening unit

Sour Gas being contaminated with suspended solid resulting in foaming in the regenerator, off-spec sweet gas, loss of amine due to carry over and excessive fouling resulting in premature replacement of filter and excessive use of anti-foam chemical to prevent foam.

Catalyst & Furnace Tubes protection

Dehydration and liquid removal for Compressor Protection

The project consisted in installing various filtration and separation solutions to eliminate all liquids & hydrocarbon droplets to avoid liquid carry over towards the compressor.