Engineered solutions to improve your industrial productivity.

At Arados, we have a long proven history of improvements and solutions that can be provided to your technical challenges. Whether Fluid treatment, Mechanical, Electrical or Instrumentation, we cover all these categories to help you find the solution you need

Our categories

Fluid & process treatment, process enhancement

Arados partners with global leaders in the field of filtration, separation, and fluid/process treatment.

To ensure optimal performance and protection of your equipment and facilities, and because we value the quality, efficiency and reliability of our partnerships and products, Arados exclusively supplies OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)  guaranteed products.

Mechanical Equipment :

For your manufacturing facilities, Arados provides high quality items with high durability intended to work in harsh environments ranging from pumps to compressors or valves.

Electrical equipment:

We work with leading manufacturers offering a very diverse range of electrical equipment

Measurement & Instrumentation equipment:

We provide a wide range of gauges, instruments, and devices used to inspect, test, calibrate or measure given parameters from the largest and most renowned manufacturers.