Dehydration and liquid removal for Compressor Protection


High levels of vibration were observed in the compressors installed on site, leading to frequent shutdowns and premature wear of the equipment.


It was imperative to install a highly efficient solution to retain liquid droplets and hydrocarbon particles in order to limit liquid carry-over towards the compressor


The installation of a liquid/gas coalescer has protected the compressors and increased production.

Problems encountered

Gas production companies produce large gas quantity. Natural gas is compressed through compressors. After various technical diagnostic and measure, results confirm important liquid presence. Liquid presence causes vibration, product settlement (salt, particles, etc,..) in the compressor which requires important downtime to replace certain components and clean the equipment. Operators were looking for a solution. 

Amine units require an efficient protection to prevent the ingression of liquid and solid contaminants inside the absorber along with the sour gas. Presence of Hydrocarbon and solid particles cause foaming and lead to complex operational situations.

Proposed solutions

An upstream equipment was proposed to improve retaining liquid in the gas resulting in a customized Liquid/Gas Coalescer was designed and installed at client site.

Important Liquid (water & HC) quantity was retained. Compressor was operating smoothly.  Production has increased and compressor was protected. 

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Coaleser liquide / Gaz