Acid Gas Removal Unit / Gas Sweetening unit


Operational issues where amine units were contaminated with suspended solids. The units foamed and liquid was carried-over downstream to the AGRU units.


A filtration solution was proposed by installing dedicated equipment in the AGRU unit, helping to purify the gas and limit liquid transfer.


Improved gas properties to reduce damage to equipments downstream of the process.

Problems encountered

A Gas production company Produces mainly sales gas. The plant processes sour natural gas from onshore oil production plants. The sour feed gas is processed through the Acid Gas Removal Unit (AGRU), or Amine

unit, to remove acid gases prior to downstream process units (dehydration, export ,..).
Operators face operational issues, where the Amine unit was contaminated with Suspended Solids, and other contaminants. Results, Amine Contactor were foaming, and liquid Carry over is detected.

Amine units require an efficient protection to prevent the ingression of liquid and solid contaminants inside the absorber along with the sour gas. Presence of Hydrocarbon and solid particles cause foaming and lead to complex operational situations.

Proposed solutions

We proposed equipment to achieve depollution in the Amine loop.

After a few months of operation, the Amine fluid was cleaned and Contactor performed in “removing acid from gazes”. Experience shows no more foaming and operation is smooth. A permanent filtration vessel has been installed on site. 

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